Yayoi Kusama – Our Monthly Artist

Dear Parents,
During November, our monthly artist was Yayoi Kusama. She was born in 1929, so by today, she is 90 years old. Regardless of her age, she is still an active Japanese contemporary artist who works primarily in sculpture and installation. She is also active in painting, performance, film, fashion, poetry, fiction, and other arts… Kusama was inspired, however, by American Abstract Impressionism.

To introduce Kusama to our children, first, we showed them books with her work. Then pasted colored dot on the walls which remained exhibited throughout the month. We read the book in the library called Yayoi Kusama “From Here to Infinity”. We also saw a very interesting video about the criticism of children towards pop art, specifically from an exhibition by Yayoi Kusama called: “The dotty”.

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