Secretary General Message

Students, teachers and guests,

In this existence, we are defined by our choices. Big ones, small ones, good ones, and bad ones. They impact our personality, relationships, overall health, and quality of life. Most crucial transformations start with one single and apparently small decision.  Our decisions make the world.

And, one of the best ones I ever took was being part of this project. Not only because it has enriched my life with knowledge, but, also because it has switched my perspective and view of our society.

It has crashed open the door to a much needed awareness of the issues we are facing, but, most importantly, what can be done about it. I have been part of this empowering initiative for 7 years. I saw it from the relentless eyes of a delegate, the order of a chair member, the responsibility of the executive committee and the proud heart of the Secretary General. It has been an honor and a privilege. Today, I say goodbye to MUNDIS, however, I rest assure that it will continue growing and changing the lives of students at Discovery School just like it changed mine.

Because MUNDIS it is all about choices. How can we solve the crisis? Who has the resources to solve it? What needs to change? Based off in my delegation position, what actions is it willing to take towards finding an effective solution?

I am proud of the ones you made during MUNDIS 2022. Reading the Resolution Papers of each committee I continued to be surprised by your ideas, your descriptiveness and the formality and order even the small ones of the model showcased perfectly. We can say that those decisions had lead you to excellence. We are very proud of you.

In my last minutes as Secretary General I have a request for you. Take the opportunity Discovery School has gifted you to make great choices. To be part of a project that will transform you in individuals of change, a community that will lift your spirit, and to make use of the human values found inside and outside of the classroom. Do ordinary things extraordinarily well. Be sure that when you grow up you can look back and be proud of the path you chose. Go out, do things well, and make the right decisions towards making this world a better place.

Thank you and congratulations.

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  1. lunes, marzo 21, 2022

    Well done Alexa, always very proud of you!

  2. domingo, marzo 20, 2022

    Muchas felicidades!! Mi querida ahijada!! Te mando un gran abrazo !! Te queremos

  3. domingo, marzo 20, 2022

    Wow muchas felicidades, excelente mensaje inspirador para las siguientes generaciones.

  4. viernes, marzo 18, 2022

    Felicidades Alexa!

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