Junior High School at Discovery is for those who think that education should include freedom to grow and explore. We help foment and promote values and habits that help students learn to stand strong, skills and knowledge to be creative and delight to enjoy the opportunities that life gives us. We are interested in becoming better people day by day.

Each subject is taught by a different teacher. The diversity of teachers allows the students to learn to adjust to different personalities, teaching methods and approaches toward knowledge acquisition.

A group tutor monitors the group’s progress, helps resolve situations that may arise within the class and heads the value and ethics program.

Each student has a preceptor who attends him or her personally, evaluating their academic performance, emotional and social development.

Junior High has a multicultural and trilingual program that teaches several subjects in English and incorporates French as a third language.

At Discovery Junior High School classes take place in different environments to help students reach their maximum academic and personal potential. Classes can be differentiated, mixed or multi-grade.


Every candidate to our Junior High should hand in the following documentation:

  • Fulfilled Admissions Form
  • Written profile as detailed on the Admissions Form
  • Solve and pass an Academic Evaluation
  • Birth Certificate
  • A copy of the full academic records of the previous years
  • A copy of the CURP registration number in case of a Mexican Citizenship


Junior High
7:10 am to 2:30 pm

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