Primary school is a fundamental stage in a child’s life. What children experience during this stage is decisive for their development. Discovery School offers Catholic, multicultural, multilingual, mixed and personalized education that pays attention to all aspects of students’ development, placing special emphasis on the formation of values.

Our class sizes are small, and the students have a classroom dedicated for Spanish classes and another classroom for English classes. Likewise, the facilities include an art workshop, ICT lab, Center for Inquiry, sports courts, swimming pool, cafeteria and green areas.

The curriculum is based on the concepts developed through the investigation of six transdisciplinary topics of global importance, supported and articulated by various disciplines.

We are an IB (International Baccalaureate) school which develops international mentality and meaningful and lasting learning for our students.

The Spanish program is based on the official ministry of education (SEP) program, with complementary activities that promote that students use their knowledge inside and outside of school developing all their skills and attributes.

Classes are taught in Spanish, English and Mandarin Chinese. Language learning is key to communication in a globalized world.

Discovery School favors the integral development through workshops for parents, philosophy for children, sports and cultural education.


Every candidate to our elementary should hand in the following documentation:

  • Fulfilled Admissions Form
  • Written profile as detailed on the Admissions Form
  • Solve and pass an Academic Evaluation
  • Birth Certificate
  • A copy of the full academic records of the previous years
  • A copy of the CURP registration number in case of a Mexican Citizenship


7:40 am to 2:30 pm

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