Discovery School High School is for those who are determined to maximize their leadership capability and who understand the necessity to create a better world through their actions. Discovery students study and work striving for personal improvement without losing sight of the importance of helping each other become better. We are convinced that collective improvement is a fundamental social commitment. At Discovery School students strive to find their personal vocation and professional passion developing it though service to other. By serving others and helping create a better world around us, we are on the path to finding happiness in life.

Students have the guidance of professors specialized in the subject they teach. Teachers are trained in teaching techniques, and with the indispensable human quality to be a role model, while favoring the construction of knowledge.

Discovery High School works with a “one to one” system, in which each student has their own MacBook computer as a tool to be productive and perform to the standards of the modern world.

A group tutor monitors the group’s progress, helps resolve situations that may arise within the class and heads the value and ethics program.

Each student has a preceptor who attends him or her personally, evaluating their academic performance, emotional and social development,

The High School has a General Baccalaureate program which is multicultural and trilingual. Several subjects are taught in English and French is given as a third language.

Discovery School has agreements with the most important universities in order to support students in entering the next stage of their education.

Every candidate to our High School should hand in the following documentation:

  • Fulfilled Admissions Form
  • Written profile as detailed on the Admissions Form
  • Solve and pass an Academic Evaluation
  • Birth Certificate
  • A copy of the full academic records of the previous years
  • A copy of the CURP registration number in case of a Mexican Citizenship


High School
7:10 am to 2:15 pm

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