Discovery believes that everychild can learn. We provide excellent academic preparation depending on the individual abilities of each student, international awareness and self-confidence. We help students learn to transcend through their virtues, search for personal improvement and always to help others. We believe a better world can be achieved by learning to accept our differences and integrating harmonically the different cultures of our world.

The final academic purpose of Discovery is to prepare young people for university. The spiritual purpose is to instill the spirit of service and to prepare them to become better persons and better Christians in accordance with the demands of today’s world.



IB World School

Discovery School is an Authorized IB World School since 2008. IB was founded in 1968 and is an organization based in Geneva, Switzerlandthat aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

In Discovery School the students have the main role in the educational process.They are actively involved, presenting and inquiring to find solutions and to decide over their own work.

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Mexican Federation of Philosophy for Children

With the “Philosophy for Children Program” we encourage the development of complex thinking in our students to help them learn to analyze and find solutions todifferent situations they might face throughout their lives.

Family Education Center (CEF)

The Center for Family Literacy (CEF) provides a helpline for personal improvement every member in a family and through the family as a supporting system in a person’s life deep reflection and understanding of human and supernatural values that inspire Discovery School. CEF interacts with the families through:

1. Family Guidance Diploma DIM.To help achieve stability for families, to promote values and virtues in family’s everyday activities, to understand the marital life and encourage the use of educational resources for personal and family’s improvement.

2. Courses on Theology and Ethics for mothers.To facilitate the acquisition of right and true criteria,to promote social prominence and optimize decision taking.

3. Conferences and Lectures.Tounify and reinforce the school’s community by learning and understanding the institutional values of Discovery School.

4. Tutoring for Bachelor and Masters Degree on Education of the Family as a Science.For parents who are interested in mastering educational knowledge, seeking for schools and homes to become better learning environments.

5. Coaching preceptor;To providea personal and academic coaching service for students in Junior and High School.

6. In Campus Mass in the Chapel Services.Provided from K-12services to help students live the Christian values and the Catholic Church Precepts.

7. Religion and Human Development for all members of the community.Offered to families and individuals, inspiring them to become better human beings as they donate themselves through service to their community.